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Workshops &
Interactive Conferences

As we aim to limit global warming to +1.5°C, engaging employees at all levels, from the boardroom to the shop floor, has never been more crucial.

Our workshops and conferences align perfectly with your company's ESG strategies. They provide the knowledge, clarity, and motivation needed to develop a sustainability mindset, helping your company make a positive impact.

Climate Pitch

The Climate Pitch is an

engaging and interactive

conference that uses storytelling to explain the main issues related to climate change.

It then explores individual and collective actions that can be taken to address these challenges.

Based on the IPCC scientific reports.


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Climate Fresk

This workshop offers a dynamic

and engaging way to understand the complexities of climate change. Based on a set of 42 cards, and on the scientific IPCC reports.

By participating, you'll gain valuable insights and practical strategies to drive meaningful individual & collective action in

your organisation.

3 hours

The Net Zero+ Masterclass is a comprehensive program designed for everyone from C-suite to company staff. Participants learn why reaching Net Zero carbon emissions is crucial and discover the best strategies to achieve this.

Illustrated with practical examples of decarbonisation, the masterclass also explores how making Net Zero a priority can unlock significant business opportunities.​


3 hours​

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Digital Impact Pitch
2 Tonnes
The Biodiversity Collage

The Digital Impact Pitch is an interactive and fun conference to understand the impact of digital technologies on the environment and on our lives.

Can help guide corporate digital technology policy


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The 2 Tonnes immersive workshop explores the future and how to act together for the climate.  Discover the individual and collective levers of the transition to a low-carbon society.

Project yourself until 2050 and identify the role you wish to play in this transition.

3 hours

Discover, through a fun and collaborative workshop, the systemic aspects, challenges and pressures around biodiversity: what it is, what it enables and what degrades it.


Based on the IPBES report​s

3 hours

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