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About Us

What makes Uncle unique ?

What sets Uncle Sustainability apart is our deep-rooted commitment to environmental stewardship, driven by the belief that integrating sustainability into business strategies reduces climate & transition risks, and ensures long-term success.

Inspired by founder Aude Grasset, we offer a holistic approach combining personalised consulting and comprehensive training.

Our services are further enhanced by Nick Horswell's business consultancy, covering pre-start-up planning, startup survival, growth, and support for selling, merging, diversifying, succession management, liquidating or exiting.

Who we are

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Aude Grasset  
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'Uncle Nick' Horswell  
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Claire d'Aboville 
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Founder Uncle Sustainability & Sustainability Leader

Aude assists SMEs and other organisations in designing and managing their sustainability journey. She collaborates with clients to develop practical steps that future-proof business profitability.

Aude brings a strong international background in advertising and packaging design, having worked at prestigious agencies in New York and London..

She holds a Postgraduate Degree in Sustainable Business from the University of Cambridge's Institute for Sustainability Leadership (CISL), an MBA from Baruch College (City University of New York), and a Maîtrise in Applied Economics from Université Dauphine PSL.

Business Uncle. Founder Uncle Ltd

Nick Horswell spent 15 years working in full-service ad agencies before co-founding the media agency PHD in 1990. By 1995, PHD was sold to the AMV Group, leading to a five-year earnout with ambitious targets.

By the end of 2000, PHD had expanded to a group of eight companies, employing 240 people, with an annual turnover of nearly £400 million and robust profits.

In early 2002, Nick sought a new business challenge and transitioned to his role as Uncle Nick.

Associate Partner

PCC accredited Executive Coach, Claire is passionate about helping organisations and individuals transition to a sustainable future.

She accompanies the journeys from awareness to action, from business-as-usual to courage and to transformation.

She helps address the emotional challenges linked with the climate and ecological crises.

Claire brings her vast experience – 600+ individual clients, 45+ organisations – and multiculturalism (4 languages). Member of the Climate Coaching Alliance (CCA).

Master in Management from Université Dauphine-PSL, Certificate in Business Sustainability Management from Cambridge (CISL)

Some of our Clients

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